Another Opportunity to Make a Difference

Tell the State: Get as Tough on Industry as you’ve been on my Car at the First Meeting on DFW Smog in Four Years

Texas Commission on Environmental Quality
Public Meeting
on a New DFW Clean Air Plan
Thursday, June 24th
7 to 9 pm
Arlington City Council Chambers
101 West Abram

For more information check the flyer: June 24the Smog Mtg Flyer

and check out the details on Sharon Wilson’s post on Bluedaze 

The flyer is a joined initiative of:

The North Central Texas Clean Air Task Force 

Environmental Defense Fund

North Central Texas Communities Alliance 

Public Citizen – Sierra Club  

the Texas Oil and Gas Accountability

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GASLAND Documentary Premieres Monday, June 21st on HBO

GASLAND by Josh Fox and assisted by famed Debra Winger is an award winning documentary which chronicles the rapacious practices of hydrofracturing and gas drilling.

Winner of the special Jury Prize at the 2010 Sundance Film Festival, GASLAND, is more than a documentary. It is a piece of art with beautiful cinematography that propels the audience to interact with collective gasps of horror, jubilant applause, hilarity and tears.

In other words a “must see” for our community. If you do not have HBO, you have the following options:

  1. Click here to find GASLAND watch parties in your area.
  2. Encourage your neighbors with HBO to invite others or setup a watch party.

If you do have HBO, please invite your neighbors to watch GASLAND at you home or host your own watch party and get on the map by sending an email to

For more information on the watch parties – click here.

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Corinth Cares Community Picnic

You’re invited to join us for a Community Picnic on Saturday, June 26 from 6 to 8 p.m. as a “Thank You” for your support of our efforts this spring.

We will gather at the Lake Sharon Estates Amenity Center to enjoy each other’s company and get to know our neighbors.  There will be:

  • Swimming
  • Bounce Houses
  • Music donated by DJ Eddie Ruesewald 972-839-4654
  • Hot Dogs, hamburgers and chips 
  • Please bring your own non- alcoholic beverages (non- glass containers) 

It’s a relaxing and fun evening to celebrate our community. 

RSVP by emailing List “Community Picnic” in the Subject Line

This will help approximate the supplies/food on our shopping trip! Thank you for your response, and we look forward to seeing you and your family at the picnic.

If you’re interested in helping deliver flyers this weekend about the picnic, please contact Tom and Barbara Bowater at 940-321-0595

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Natural gas facility explodes near Cleburne

Several news stations reported on a huge natural gas explosion in Cleburne this afternoon. Here is the story as reported by WFAA:

Posted on June 7, 2010 at 3:14 PM
Updated today at 6:03 PM

A natural gas facility exploded near Cleburne Monday afternoon, killing three people, according to Cleburne City Manager Chester Nolen. The number of fatalities could not immediately be confirmed.

Click here – to continue reading this article on the WFAA website.

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Private Water Well in DISH, TX Contaminated after Hydraulic Fracturing

DISH, TX — Shortly after a natural gas well was fractured using the controversial technic of hydraulic fracturing, a private water well within a thousand feet of the natural gas well site began showing sedimentation. DISH resident Amber Smith says shortly after the well was fractured a fine sand like sediment was present in the water from their private water well. The Smith family installed a water filtration system shortly after the sediment became present and continued using the water. However, after a year the sedimentation reached the point that it clogged the entire plumbing system, and the water well is now unusable.

The Smith family removed the tank from the water well and removed over ten pounds of the sand like substance. After dismantling and cleaning the well system, the Smith family reassembled the well only to have it completely obstructed after only 30 minutes of operation. Devon Energy who is the operator of the gas well has refused to take responsibility for the failure. The Railroad Commission of Texas responded and took samples of the tainted water for limited analyzing. The town of DISH also had independent testing accomplished to determine the content of the sand like substance.

The water well owned by the Smith family shows levels of arsenic at 7.5 times the acceptable level for drinking water. The water also contained lead at levels that were 21 times above the acceptable levels, and chromium at more that double the allowable limits. Independent testing shows elevated levels of butanone, acetone, carbon disulfide, strontium, as well as heavy metals, all above safe drinking water standards. The town is awaiting additional test results.
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Council Appoints Gas Well Committee Members

After approving an amendment for an alternate resident to be added to the make up of the committee and approving a second amendment for the Staff members of the City to act as non-voting members the following people were appointed to serve:
  • Council member #1: Bruce Hanson
  • Council member #2: Randy Gibbons
  • Primary resident: Peggy Bush
  • Alternate resident: David Goodwin

David Goodwin will vote in Peggy Bush’s place on the committee if Peggy Bush is unavailable. Therefore there will be 3 voting members on the committee of  two council members and one resident.  

Two members of the city staff, City Attorney Debra Drayovitch and City Manager Jim Berzina, will serve on the committee as well.  These positions were already appointed during the last City Council meeting, but will now be non-voting members.  

 The committee will review the City of Corinth Gas Well Ordinance and will present their recommendations to the City Council.  Corinth Cares has full trust in the individuals appointed to do a great job and set an example to follow for other communities within North Texas. Their willingness to serve on the committee and to serve their city, which will be a very time-consuming task, is greatly appreciated.

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