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Council Appoints Gas Well Committee Members

After approving an amendment for an alternate resident to be added to the make up of the committee and approving a second amendment for the Staff members of the City to act as non-voting members the following people were appointed to serve:
  • Council member #1: Bruce Hanson
  • Council member #2: Randy Gibbons
  • Primary resident: Peggy Bush
  • Alternate resident: David Goodwin

David Goodwin will vote in Peggy Bush’s place on the committee if Peggy Bush is unavailable. Therefore there will be 3 voting members on the committee of  two council members and one resident.  

Two members of the city staff, City Attorney Debra Drayovitch and City Manager Jim Berzina, will serve on the committee as well.  These positions were already appointed during the last City Council meeting, but will now be non-voting members.  

 The committee will review the City of Corinth Gas Well Ordinance and will present their recommendations to the City Council.  Corinth Cares has full trust in the individuals appointed to do a great job and set an example to follow for other communities within North Texas. Their willingness to serve on the committee and to serve their city, which will be a very time-consuming task, is greatly appreciated.

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Wilma Subra – Speaker at North Central Texas Communties Alliance

Mrs. Subra provides technical assistance to citizens, across the United States and some foreign countries, concerned with their environment by combining technical research and evaluation. She has been of great help in Corinth as well.

North Central Texas Communities Alliance is a broad-based coalition of individuals, organizations, and communities throughout the Barnett Shale area working on local, state, and national levels for positive solutions to the problems related to natural gas drilling and pipelines.

Take this special opportunity to hear this amazing woman speak this Thursday.

AIR QUALITY: The Health Impacts to You and Our Children
When: Thursday, June 3, 2010
2000 Beach Street and IH30
Fort Worth, Texas 76103
Networking @ 6:30 pm
Meeting @ 7:00 pm

For more information – click here.

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Do you know any Exxon Mobil shareholders?

Exxon Mobil’s annual shareholders’ meeting is on May 26 in Dallas.  There is a proposal submitted by shareholders directly related to gas well drilling concerns that will be voted on at the annual meeting.  Shareholders can vote online before the meeting or over the phone.  Please pass along the information to people you know who maybe shareholders or know shareholders and encourage them to vote “For” item 10.  Here is information on the proposal.


Submitted by the Park Foundation states: Shareholders “request that the Board of Directors prepare a report by October 1, 2010, at reasonable cost and omitting proprietary information, summarizing 1. the environmental impact of fracturing operations of ExxonMobil; 2. potential policies for the company to adopt, above and beyond regulatory requirements, to reduce or eliminate hazards to air, water, and soil quality from fracturing. Proponents believe the policies explored by the report should include, among other things, use of less toxic fracturing fluids, recycling or reuse of waste fluids, and other structural or procedural strategies to reduce fracturing hazards.”

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“Poking the Bear” – Post by Dish Mayor Calvin Tillman

There have been a lot of my friends in the industry who have found it necessary to begin aggressive personal attacks on me. Several industry publications, such as the Powell Barnett Shale Newsletter have had articles and editorials stating that I am pretty much everything but a nice person. This activity is not new; however, the intensity has been elevated and it has gotten much more personal. This tells me that I must be making an impact, or they would not attack me personally. This also tells me that they have given up on attacking the message, now they are only attacking the man.
Obviously, anyone who would bother to read the Powell Newsletter knows that it is industry funded. As everyone also knows by now, I do not accept compensation or travel expenses for my presentations, and unfortunately those at the Powell Newsletter can’t say the same.
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VIDEO: What Corinth Residents Have to Say About XTO’s Gas Drilling Plans

Video interviews with Corinth residents, talking about XTO’s gas drilling plans. This is summary version of a video originally intended to be played at the Texas Railroad Commission’s meeting May 7th, which was cancelled because XTO has withdrawed the application. For more info, click here.

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The moment

After a long evening of debate, Q&A’s, and hearings, the Corinth City Council denied XTO Energy permits for two gas drills on the Lake Sharon Christian site.

Our thanks goes out to the City Council Members and the Mayor of Corinth for taking this matter so seriously and spending the time and effort to hear all opinions and collect the facts.

Video of the Corinth City Council denying XTO a gas well permit at 2:30 in the morning:

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Is this what we can expect?

Actual footage and pictures of the Razor Ranch gas well in Denton taken Tuesday April 27!

The black exhaust from the drilling operation at the Razor Ranch in Denton, that can clearly be seen from I-35, appears approximately every 30 seconds. The wind carries the smoke towards a residential area.

Are we going to be dealing with this as well in the near future?

Scroll all the way down for the footage
Click on the picture to enlarge

04/27/2010 7:36 PM:

Razor Ranch Gas Well Picture 1

Razor Ranch Gas Well

04/27/2010 7:37 PM:

Razor Ranch Gas Well picture

04/27/2010 7:46 PM:

Razor Ranch Gas Well picture

04/27/2010 8:06 PM:

Razor Ranch Gas Well picture

Razor Ranch Gas Well

04/27/2010 8:39 PM:

Denton Citizens for Responsible Urban Drilling reports more issues with the Razor Ranch gas well on their blog.

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