Gas Well Ordinance – OUR LAST CHANCE

OCT 21(Thur) 7pm – Corinth City Hall – BE HEARD!

You may think I am wacko, well I guess people in Colorado, Pennsylvania, Arkansas and all over the Barnett Shale are too.  I could attend a town or school board meeting almost nightly where citizens already affected and many that are concerned plead for their health and safety.

Watch the video at the bottom of the post (note the following).

About 6 minutes in Judy shows the commissioners her medical testing where her blood has phenol and benzene in it. She also talks about health effects.

At 10 minutes in you can hear Steph Hallowich speak. It seems bloody noses are all too common in the gas patch and foolish people allow drilling next to schools no matter where you live.

Yesterday, Flower Mound Shares confirmed 2 cases of brain tumors, 10 cases of breast cancer and potentially 12 cases of childhood leukemia all within the area of Liberty Elementary. These figures are alarming – especially the childhood leukemia part – the children in the area began to be diagnosed in 2005 – one year after construction of 2 gas wells and a compression station.

A lot of hard work by many people has been put in to the review of our Oil & Gas Ordinances, yet our City Council wants to pass the following:

600ft for wells and 1000ft for tanks reduced to 600ft with vapor recovery.

This invites the gas companies right back into our neighborhoods!

We need to DEMAND at least 

1000ft+ with vapor recovery and emission controls.


When we ignore, downplay or dispute the PROVEN health effects from living in the gas-patch, we are either willfully ignorant or negligent.

Our city council thinks we have faded away.

Let’s prove them wrong!

Review Gas Well Ordinance Draft

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    Concerned Landowner said,

    “600ft for wells and 1000ft for tanks reduced to 600ft with vapor recovery”

    This is unacceptable for the safety and welfare of the families of Corinth. I’m kinda surprised that they would think it’ll be “OK” with us. Really? ….. I must have attended some other city’s meetings on this subject.

    Here’s a link to Oct 21, 2010 City Hall Meeting Agenda

    The Rangers don’t play Thursday, so no excuses there.

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