Council Appoints Gas Well Committee Members

After approving an amendment for an alternate resident to be added to the make up of the committee and approving a second amendment for the Staff members of the City to act as non-voting members the following people were appointed to serve:
  • Council member #1: Bruce Hanson
  • Council member #2: Randy Gibbons
  • Primary resident: Peggy Bush
  • Alternate resident: David Goodwin

David Goodwin will vote in Peggy Bush’s place on the committee if Peggy Bush is unavailable. Therefore there will be 3 voting members on the committee of  two council members and one resident.  

Two members of the city staff, City Attorney Debra Drayovitch and City Manager Jim Berzina, will serve on the committee as well.  These positions were already appointed during the last City Council meeting, but will now be non-voting members.  

 The committee will review the City of Corinth Gas Well Ordinance and will present their recommendations to the City Council.  Corinth Cares has full trust in the individuals appointed to do a great job and set an example to follow for other communities within North Texas. Their willingness to serve on the committee and to serve their city, which will be a very time-consuming task, is greatly appreciated.

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