Do you know any Exxon Mobil shareholders?

Exxon Mobil’s annual shareholders’ meeting is on May 26 in Dallas.  There is a proposal submitted by shareholders directly related to gas well drilling concerns that will be voted on at the annual meeting.  Shareholders can vote online before the meeting or over the phone.  Please pass along the information to people you know who maybe shareholders or know shareholders and encourage them to vote “For” item 10.  Here is information on the proposal.


Submitted by the Park Foundation states: Shareholders “request that the Board of Directors prepare a report by October 1, 2010, at reasonable cost and omitting proprietary information, summarizing 1. the environmental impact of fracturing operations of ExxonMobil; 2. potential policies for the company to adopt, above and beyond regulatory requirements, to reduce or eliminate hazards to air, water, and soil quality from fracturing. Proponents believe the policies explored by the report should include, among other things, use of less toxic fracturing fluids, recycling or reuse of waste fluids, and other structural or procedural strategies to reduce fracturing hazards.”

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