XTO Withdraws Lake Sharon Application with Texas Railroad Commission

XTO Energy has withdrawed its Lake Sharon A 1H Unit revised application with the Railroad Commission of Texas.

  • Another great victory
  • XTO back to the drawing board

Several weeks ago, it was discovered that the Lake Sharon A 1H unit well permit application had been amended by XTO. All drilling permits are first issued by the Railroad Commission, then the drilling company submits an application and plan with the city where a well will be drilled. XTO amended the application with the Railroad Commission of Texas to increase the size of the pool. A pool is a group of properties used for the drilling of a well.

Due to several residents within the pool not having signed leases, XTO had to request a waiver from Rule 37 with the Railroad Commission of Texas. Rule 37 requires all drilling (well head and/or borepath) to be a minimum of 330 feet from any unleased property. XTO filed an application to waive the spacing exception and the Railroad Commission of Texas sent letters of this notice to the owners who had not signed leases within the pool. Two protest letters were filed with the Railroad Commission of Texas by residents with properties within 330 ft. of the well bore.

Due to the filing of the protest letters, a hearing was scheduled for May 7th. After talking to most of the 19 residents who’s properties fell within the 330 ft. of the well bore, it turned out that there were several residents that had not received the notification of the amended permit application and others simply hadn’t realize the important of the notice or it wasn’t noticed in the mail. Eight families agreed immediately to be filmed for the hearing.

As can be seen on the Railroad Commission of Texas Website, XTO withdrew the application to amend the permit and waive Rule 37 on April 29, 2010 immediately after the notices of intent to appear were submitted by the residents planning to attend. It seems quite clear XTO did not expect anyone to show up at this hearing. XTO never mentioned the hearing in presentations to the City Council. It only came up at the second Corinth City Council hearing after Peggy Bush discovered it and informed the Council.

Unfortunately, XTO permits approved by the Railroad Commission of Texas for the Lake Sharon B unit and the original A 1H unit permit are still valid. The approved Lake Sharon A 1H unit permit is for a far smaller plat than the plat in the amended application that has been withdrawn. Regardless the difficulties, it must be a major set back for XTO Energy Inc. and yet another great victory for the Citizens of Corinth. Residents must remain vigilant and always watch their mail for notices from the Railroad Commission of Texas, especially if they have not signed a lease.

More information on XTO’s Lake Sharon A unit can be found by clicking here.
To read the official letter of withdrawl, click here:

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  1. 1

    Anon said,

    I want to shout out and scream ……I too am very happy I live in a City that cares!!! and my neighbors that cared enough to voice their opinions!!

    Congrat’s to to ppl of Corinth ..our City will be a clean and fresh air place to live for now!! WTG!!

    Thank you all for not giving up and showing up to all those VERY long meetings…

    To the councilmen that really researched this process out a big thanks as well…..

    I hope that thru our actions and our denial that the other city and towns still fighting against drilling…I hope it helps them…for the better of all our communities!!!

    Now we need to tell the EPA loud and clear that they need to regulate this drilling!!

    I will sleep well tonight knowing I will not lose my beautiful neighborhood!!

    🙂 thanks to all!!

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