Support Flower Mound Cares tonight at 6 PM

See below message from our fellow Citizens in Flower Mound. Please help by showing your support tonight if you are able to. The outcome of the Council meeting in Flower Mound tonight will impact other cities like ours.

To follow the meeting live click here.

PLEASE EMAIL all your friends and ask them to show up tonight at the town council meeting to show their support for the petition.

They will be voting tonight on accepting the petition or putting it up for a special election in November. An election in November would leave our community vulnerable for a CCF (Centralized Collection Facility) to come in over the next 6 months.


All comments in favor of a CCF will be made in the beginning of the meeting, so you can come at 6 and probably be home by 7 and still make a difference!

Bring your friends! Bring your relatives! Bring your kids! Expose them to democracy in action!! JUST COME!

There will be LOTS of media and LOTS of opposition! WE NEED YOU!

Town Hall


Flower Mound Residents,

We are at a very critical juncture in the history and development of Flower Mound.

The Mayor and some Council Members have decided, by their actions, to change the direction of our Town from an idyllic, safe, healthy place to call home to a burgeoning complex of gas pads, wells, compression facilities and produced water gathering & storage areas. This might be okay if all of these activities took place miles away from densely populated areas and away from children in school and at play. But they are not. Williams is spending significant sums of money to convince the community that a CCF is a good thing and that they plan to develop only 60 gas wells. Keystone Gas Company is actively working to re-elect a Mayor and elect 2 new Council Members who have promised to allow a CCF and more gas pad development. Titan has a request in to develop a pad (with untold wells radiating from it) right on FM 2499 at Hilliard Field. And we can count on the fact that if the Town completes a Land Swap Deal for a new soccer complex, that pads that can not now be exploited (300 & 500 ft from the current fileds) will certainly be exploited right after the soccer complex is torn down.

And maybe this would be okay if ALL THE SPIN were true. That CCFs and pipelines and storage tanks never blow up; that spills never happen, and that fugitive emissions that bring serious health risks are an impossibility. Maybe if we could really believe that more than the 100 or so large landowners with hefty royalty checks will really benefit from a CCF and more gas pad development. If only we could believe the spin that gas companies are good neighbors and only use Best Practices. If only we could believe that Produced Water Recycling isn’t better for conserving a precious resource; that it is inferior to a CCF.
But, the truth is out there if we are only willing to open our eyes and see it. The truth can be found in the hundreds of thousands of dollars that are being spent on expensive TV spots by a Mayor and Councilmen wanna bees for a small muncipal election in a town of less than 75,000 people. The truth can be found examing the unprecedented intrusions by Williams and Keystone into OUR LOCAL POLITICS; the telephone surveys, the misleading letters and flyers, and even quasi-governmental sounding Tele Town Halls. The truth can be found by counting up the candidates who have leased their mineral rights and who are fighting hard to allow a CCF close to BridleWood, Wellington and River Oaks. The truth can be found by understanding the basest human intincts that can take over elected officials consciences when they want to retain power or have sudden access to lots of money.

You might say, “What can we do? It’s inevitable.” You might say, “I can move my family to Frisco or McKinney or somewhere where there is not a confluence of Barnett Shale, Opportunistic Politicians and a Broken Moral Compass. But, you can also FIGHT and stand with us. You can let the Mayor and Council KNOW that they MADE A BIG MISTAKE on Jan 21, 2010. You CAN DEMAND that they put a moratorium on CCFs permit requests. You can elect LEADERS who share YOUR CONCERNS.
I know you love Flower Mound as much as I do. Let’s not give up our Way of Life, Our Quality of Life, OUR TOWN, without a fight.

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    Anon said,

    This is something that just came around on my yahoo page…

    I think you all will want to read it!! 🙂

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