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After a long evening of debate, Q&A’s, and hearings, the Corinth City Council denied XTO Energy permits for two gas drills on the Lake Sharon Christian site.

Our thanks goes out to the City Council Members and the Mayor of Corinth for taking this matter so seriously and spending the time and effort to hear all opinions and collect the facts.

Video of the Corinth City Council denying XTO a gas well permit at 2:30 in the morning:

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    Peggy Goodwin said,

    I too just wanted to express my thanks and gratitude to the Mayor and City Council members for the efforts. They did not take these decisions lightly and as it appears, really did their homework. We as citizens now need to do our part by voting. Encourage everyone!

  2. 2

    Bitty Davis said,

    I too like Peggy, feel and truly believe that the Councilmen and the Mayor, studied the facts and educated themselves in all avenues…but I will say that I feel that the community input, and outcry also effected the outcome of their actions and the outcome of this well site…we must at this time remain diligent because I really feel that Bob M and XTO will not take this lying down…and whether it is still in our backyard or someone else’s we need to be ready to voice our thoughts the next time.

    I also do agree that everyone should get out there and vote and show this City that we care and we are listening to what is going on… VOTE 🙂

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    Dann said,

    This is very encouraging news. Citizens CAN make a difference. God bless the City Council for voting on our behave against XTO. As much as this is a victory for our neighborhood, this “battle” will continue – no doubt. Like Bitty Davis says above, we must remain vigilant, because XTO or someone else like them, will surely fight this – and if they can’t drill here, they’ll just find some other location which could still affect us.

    Stay the course Corinth neighbors!

  4. 4

    As I’ve said before, I’m impressed with your Mayor and Council members. I’ve been to quite a few council meetings and Corinth stands out for their fair, respectful treatment of the citizens and their intelligent questions. Let’s all move to Corinth!

  5. 5

    Kevin McStravick said,

    I just wanted to thank the strong willed community organizers in our town, especially Peggy who came to our house to explain what XTO was planning to install right next to my house. We recently bought our 1st house here and it’s a real joy to see how community and safety can win over a large gas company in such a strong fashion. I couldn’t be happier that we’ve chosen Corinth – looking forward to getting more involved in this wonderful community!

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