Permit Denied – Victory

The first variance requesting exception to the 600ft set back requirement from the well head has just been denied by the City Council. The Council has moved on to the second variance. The vote was made after an about 40 minute recess to allow the Council to consult with their lawyer.

UPDATE 10:45
The second variance on the set back requirements of the storage tanks has just been denied unanimously by the City Council. The Council has moved on to the third variance.

UPDATE 11:01 PM:
The third variance has been denied unanimously by the Council. The third variance was for the set back requirements for the waste disposal tanks.

11:23 PM
Currently discussing the variance to allow the temporary storage of “saltwater” tanks on the site and to be allowed to transport the “saltwater” by truck off the site. 12:27 A motion to accept the variance with amendments was passed. The council has gone into recess.

UPDATE 12:46
The Council is discussing the variance on the lift compressor usage.

5th variance is denied unanimously by all Corinth city council members.

The Council is now discussing the 10th variance on tree preservation.

1:49 AM: The council has resumed discussion after a private consult with the lawyer. Getting sleepy

2:14 AM:
The council denied the 10th variance with conditions and an amendment on amount of trees that will be replaced: 613 and 1226 caliper inches.

The council has passed a motion to move on to the actual permit request for well unit A and B.

The permit for the A unit has been DENIED unanimously!!!!!!

The permit for the B unit has been DENIED unanimously!!!!!!

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  1. 1

    Way to go! All of North Texas is watching and cheering you on!

  2. 2

    BB said,

    Fantastic job guys! Corinth is a better place with people like you in our city! Way to go!

  3. 3

    Bitty Davis said,

    Congratulations to all the people that worked so hard and gave up so much to research and keep ppl motivated…I only know 2 and I know there where a lot more Cora Bell and Peggy Bush…WTG great job….and as I sat in this meeting tonight proud that the people who spoke and where heard over all these weeks!!! Never thought I would here that word DENIED!!

    I will add that if XTO comes back we will be bigger and stronger to take them on again…



  4. 4

    Margarete said,

    Congrats!!!!! What an example you have set.

  5. 5

    Tim Ruggiero said,

    Am I reading this right? Did the city council and mayor just deny the drilling permits altogether? This is an enormous victory for everyone! (except XTO Bob, of course)

    • 6

      bitty said,

      Tim, I will tell you with your help and Mayor Tillman and all the hard work done by the citizens of Corinth…and the Mayor and Councilmen….taking the time to read all our e mails to educate themselves…This is a small victory for sure …I am sure that Bob M from XTO will be back….so we all will take a breather and get ready for the next go around…..

      Thanks again Tim for sharing your story of what it is like to have a drill in your backyard….

      I think if noting else we are educating ourselves on this horrific policy….that cries for stricter regulations…

      Have a good weekend!

  6. 7

    Dave Goodwin said,

    This battle may be won, but I am afraid the war is not over.

    We must have some type of ordinance restricting the potential placement of gas wells – this business of being able to drill in any zoned area is nuts.

    I doubt XTO will lay down on this – and even if they do, another will come.

    We need our City Council working to protect us from this happening all over again.

  7. 8

    scubawithdogs said,

    I am from Denton and sat through the first variance vote. I have to say your city council and mayor ask intellegent and well though out questions. I when I heard XTO thrown out the “you will be denying access to mineral” which is gas company speak for we will sue your city stood strong.
    These small victories will cummulate in to one large victory for the Barnett Shaled.
    When I heard you mayor asking XTO to move their well head 60ft I thought you’all were goners but I was wrong and so glad I was.

  8. 9

    It is true that you still have much work to do but please take some time to celebrate. And, invite me to the celebration =). In our efforts to protect our homes and families, our victories are few and, most often, they are small ones. This is a huge victory!!!

    Also, please commend your Mayor and Council. I have been to many council meetings and your Mayor and Council stand out as attentive, intelligent and respectful.

  9. 10

    tom bowater said,

    In my somewhat sleepy state here, Barbara and I got to sleep around 4: AM, (maybe too much adrenaline or caffeine) please allow me to suggest that we not loose sight of who the real heroes are here. Yes we did indeed work our proverbial tails off for this cause, spending countless hours doing whatever we thought might make some sort of impact. And yes we were also provided assistance from those from outside our Community whose only motive in helping was their pursuit of “doing the right thing.” All in all, all worked tirelessly to make our case, each in their own unique way. One might say that all of these servants within Corinth Cares were all playing their own instrument within a symphony of appeal to reason. This all being said, just who are the real heroes here? Quite simply, I would offer that the heroes here are our elected officials; Mayor and City Council.

    Not once did our Mayor and City Council turn a deaf ear to the somewhat cacophonous offering of sound that our symphony of servants put forth. One can play all the music they can to an audience, yet if that audience turns a deaf ear, then all is for not. We were and are blessed with leaders who were able to be able to hear what we said, in spite of some notes that may have been missed. We were and are also blessed with a Mayor and City Council who had the wisdom, prudence and sense of judicial fairness to never allow this drama to degenerate into a court somewhat akin to a large hopping marsupial animal from “down under” (sorry about this analogy Cora). In ways that may have sometimes been perceived as “Just what are these Guys doing?”, our Mayor and Council took more than reasonable time to diligently seek out experts from both sides of the fence and also seek out counsel from experts with no perceivable bias. Every opportunity, and more, would appear to have been extended to both Driller and Applicant to state their case. Was this done in a transparent effort to build a defense to a regulatory seizing argument, logic and reason to those who witnessed these events, demands a resounding response of “NO!” It would plainly appear to me, as a somewhat reasonable man, that these hearings were conducted for the sole and exclusive purpose of extending fairness, consideration and equal opportunity to all parties to present their case. This was not a case of a Mayor and Council buckling to attempts to influence them from either side, or to make decisions based upon the “roar of the crowd.” It was a case of a Mayor and Council acting in an extremely judicious manner; examining the evidence, questioning the parties involved, and rendering a much deliberated and unbiased ruling.

    Regardless of what side of the fence you may have stood on in this controversy, I would encourage all to extend a heartfelt “tip of the hat” to Mayor and Council for a job well done. Men of courage and wisdom who donate hundreds, perhaps thousand, of hours to our community.

    To those who may argue that my comments are only a result of the rulings by our Council, and that had the rulings have gone the other way I would feel just a tad different than I do now? I would have to say that yes, I would be disappointed with the ruling, yet I would have left the Council Chambers knowing that you do not have to win all the fights to appreciate the fact that all were treated fairly, with respect, and impartiality.

    Yes, now may be the time to catch our breaths and absorb all that has transpired. Relax, recharge your batteries, pay homage to your God for his hand in this matter, yet remain vigilant; complacency must not become our biggest adversary.

    Thanks to you all.

    Tom Bowater

    • 11

      Bitty said,

      Why Tom …getting home at 3 am didn’t agree with you…:-)

      For someone who is tired you have written a wonderful piece here…Thanks!!

      Lets hope, tho it is just a hope that XTO goes away….:-) If not we will be there again..for sure!

      Thanks for all your help as well..


  10. 12

    Corinth Landowner said,

    Touching on what Sharon said, I’d like to extend our thanks to the Mayor, all of the Council, and all the other city staff involved last night including the police officers that had to be there to the wee hours of this morning. That had to be a first. We appreciate all your sacrifices.
    Mayor and City Council you’ve had an enormous amount of time and research that has been extended to this drilling issue. I know you all have families of your own and I’m sure without a doubt that you had to give up much of that time with them. Thank you for that and for listening.

  11. 13

    Ashley said,

    Thank you very much to Corinth Cares for all of your hard work which made last night possible. A special thank you to Cora Bell, Mayor Calvin Tillman, Tim Ruggiero, Sharon Wilson, Peggy Bush and Tom Bowater as well as their families for all the time they spent informing and making the residents of Corinth safer.

  12. 14

    Mellany Lamb said,

    Congrats to all the great people of Corinth and those that helped in their battle against XTO. Wish that the mayor of Flower Mound and Council persons Wallace, Levenick and Dixon were as “clean” as the Corinth Town Council and Mayor.

    You guys ROCK!

    Mellany Lamb
    Flower Mound

  13. 15

    CCCrocks said,

    Looks like, ultimately, the absolute and uncompromising importance of family won out here. I wonder if this could be a late interjection into this Sunday’s sermon at LBC? Could you keep a straight face through it, Associate Pastor Forson?

  14. 16

    M Parks said,

    You apparently have no idea who Pastor Forson is or you would not have posted such an erroneous statement. Family is most important to him and his family. As I have stated in conversations with other citizens this should never involve personal attacks. Everyone has a right to their opinions and causes, but we also have the right to agree to disagree. Attacking someones character and integrity in no way helps your cause. To some, winning at all costs is worth the character they choose to sacrifice to get the victory. At the end of the day, I know that I’m not perfect and I do make mistakes, but I pray that my God who knows my heart, is not ashamed of the words I speak and actions I take (both in public and in private). As Christians, we can and should defend ourselves in a way that is pleasing to God. Jesus took unimaginable amounts of shame, ridicule and indescribable pain for us, enduring it all without sacrificing His character or name in any way. We are not promised an easy life without trials and tribulations. In the midst of it all, we have to choose how we respond and make sure that our response is pleasing to God.

  15. 17

    S Johanson said,

    A very good point….txSharon, Calvin Tillman, Alisa Rich, The Ruggiero’s, and numberous others have also suffered unimaginable amounts of ridicule with no chance of any real reward other than knowing they are trying to make a difference to preserve our communities and looking out for their fellow man, so when I ponder the question of who is being more Christ-like in how they are treating their neighbors, it’s not XTO and it wasn’t Mr. Forson. I’m not personally gonna string anyone up for this, as you pointed out, no one is clean or sinless, certainly not myself, but people look to the church as how to be an example to others, and many believe they didn’t win any converts with this action. In the end, elected officials decided to stake a united stand and I thank them for it.

  16. 18

    LSE Resident said,

    I too am pleased with this “victory”. The variances were unnecessary and counter productive. The drilling ordinances themselves prove to need to be reviewed and tightened. But, I’m not pleased at the level of semi-hysteria generated by what, if we’re honest, are “not in my back yard” attitudes.

    Even worse, is the apparent idea that reasonable people cannot reasonably disagree. Having different perspectives, and therefor opinions, does not make one person “right” and the other “wrong”. The victory was a victory of the process, not of one idea over another.

  17. 19

    CorinthRes said,

    For many people, it is simply a risk vs. reward decision. While many will acknowledge that there may/may not be inherent risks, for many, why would they take the chance with their children’s health? They are far more suceptible to these toxins, in any amount, than grown men for an 8-hour period that the OSHA standards are set to. There is no OSHA standard for a kid in a gas pad site application, because they aren’t supposed to be there. Energy independence is fine, I, like most am all for it, but not at the expense of our homes and kids health!

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