Is this what we can expect?

Actual footage and pictures of the Razor Ranch gas well in Denton taken Tuesday April 27!

The black exhaust from the drilling operation at the Razor Ranch in Denton, that can clearly be seen from I-35, appears approximately every 30 seconds. The wind carries the smoke towards a residential area.

Are we going to be dealing with this as well in the near future?

Scroll all the way down for the footage
Click on the picture to enlarge

04/27/2010 7:36 PM:

Razor Ranch Gas Well Picture 1

Razor Ranch Gas Well

04/27/2010 7:37 PM:

Razor Ranch Gas Well picture

04/27/2010 7:46 PM:

Razor Ranch Gas Well picture

04/27/2010 8:06 PM:

Razor Ranch Gas Well picture

Razor Ranch Gas Well

04/27/2010 8:39 PM:

Denton Citizens for Responsible Urban Drilling reports more issues with the Razor Ranch gas well on their blog.

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  1. 1

    MariaPia Owens said,

    I would like to know what this is and why it’s occuring. As a city we need to fully understand the entire drilling process and all it entails (such as smoke from the drill site), as well as drilling mishaps that can occur. That way we can create and support ordinances that protect our citizens and represent the spirit of our community. Urban drilling is an important concern that we need to be prepared for as opposed to coersed into.

  2. 2

    Corinth Landowner said,

    Well according to some that have been posting here, there’s nothing to be concerned about. This drill site will be “safe”.

    I can’t wait to see XTO tear down the buildings over there for more and more wells to be located on. I wonder what kinda deal has been struck to rebuild the center at a new loaction?

    • 3

      Dave Goodwin said,

      Make sure you check out the application for the variance – in the council packet on the website.

      – Describe how the level of heatlh, safety, and welfare of the public will not be reduced?
      XTO’s reply: “If the variance is granted, the level of health, safety, and welfare of the public will not be reduced.”

      Same question on each variance application – same single sentence response by XTO.

      1. – How can the person who reviews these applications even accept this as an answer? – “Describe how” is the question.

      2. – How can XTO ever be held accountable if this variance application is allowed – there is no mention of current levels of health, safety and welfare?

      This is a big red flag that something doesn’t smell right – Where are the facts of how? If it is not in writing on the application for variance, then how can they ever be held accountable?

      Logically there is going to be a reduction in the health, safety, and welfare of residential neighborhoods when heavy industry moves in – If not, then Corinth neighborhoods must already be classified extremely low. Is that what the Mayor and City Council really think about the neighborhoods bordering the proposed site?

      Logic clearly dictates that the needs (health, safety, welfare) of the many outweigh the needs ($) of the few.

      • 4

        Corinth Landowner said,

        Dave Goodwin said “Logic clearly dictates that the needs (health, safety, welfare) of the many outweigh the needs ($) of the few.”

        I would have to agree 100% with you. I tried to make a point to somebody named “Concerned Citizen” that went something like this.

        I asked: “I do have a question for you. When does the rights of 1 landowner supersede the surrounding landowners (that far out way the 1)?”

        Concerned Citizen’s Answer: “Well we each have our rights, granted to us by the United States Constitution. So if my neighbor was smoking for example, and I felt as though me and my neighbors were at risk, could we tell him to stop smoking? If a landowner choices to exercise his/her right to something, granting that its reasonable and justifiable in accordance to such right, then yes despite the opposition, it should be allowed. This could be applied to nearly an right”.

        I actually laughed when I read “reasonable and justifiable”.
        Yeah…like that would ever apply here. Maybe if I had put it more in Dave’s words, “health, safety, welfare” maybe it would have made a difference in how he answered.

        I’ll sat it again, the $$$$$$$$$ is talking here. I bet there will be a new shiny retreat center built somewhere else too.

        George Wiedemer

  3. 5

    scubawithdogs said,

    The members of the Denton Citizens for Responsible Urban Drilling are in talks to form a class action suit regarding reckless endangerment, property values, Texas health code violations regarding drilling. Would your community be interested in being part of such a class action suit?
    The talks are in the early stages but we believe there are grounds for civil suit against state and local govenments as well as drilling companies and pipeline associations.

  4. 6

    LSE Resident said,

    Texas has a long and proud tradition of supporting individual property rights. I’m proud to be a part of that. That said, the variances requested are not necessary for the drilling operations and should not be approved. Drilling itself is a fact of life, and any self respecting land owner should not feel he/she can tell another land owner what is and is not permissible within the law and city rules.

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