Concerns over zone changes for ‘heavy industrial use’ at gas well site

By David Goodwin

Approval of gas well drilling on the Lake Sharon Christian Center property zoned SF-3 will essentially rezone it to heavy industrial use forever.
How is this in keeping with Corinth ’s master plan / Future Land Use Plan?

From the Future Land Use Plan 2010 published on the City of Corinth’s website:

The Future Land Use Plan should ultimately bereflected through the City’s policy and development decisions. The importance of city planning can never be understated. The future of Corinth will be shaped with the policies and recommendations developed in this 2010 Comprehensive Plan.

Residential land use accounts for the greatest percentage of a city’s land use area—residential land use currently accounts for approximately 59 percent of total land acreage in Corinth. It is therefore important to determine what types of housing options are appropriate for Corinth and where such land uses should be located. It is recommended that residential land use account for 65.7 percent of total land acreage in the Future LandUse Plan

Industrial land uses within Corinth are primarily intended to include warehousing, distribution, light assembly and fabrication of products or parts. Industrial uses may also include office showroom uses. Only a small portion, 3.6 percent of the total land use, is designated as industrial, however such uses may also be incorporated into the mixed use non-residential category which is adjacent to the current industrial zoned area.

– according to our plan we need more residential (about 10% more)- not less, and after a couple of wells and tanks are installed there is no way you can tell anyone that property is anything but industrial use.

– we do not even consider Heavy Industrial uses as players in Corinth’s future – only light industrial is mentioned

– the plan calls for a small percentage of light industrial uses to only be incorporated into mixed use/non-residential areas adjacent to industrial zoned areas – clearly not in residential neighborhoods

If our future plans include putting heavy industrial uses inside existing residential zones – Why is it not in this comprehensive plan?

David Goodwin

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