City Hearing Continues This Thursday – Join Us

 City Council Special Session

Corinth City Hall

Thursday, April 29, 7 PM

We know it has been a while since you heard from us or saw us in action around the city so we wanted to provide you with an update. But first we want to express our sincere thanks for all your efforts so far in helping educate your neighbors and fellow citizens of the City of Corinth about the application to drill gas wells and inform them of the public hearing! Your actions have brought much assistance and publicity to light and has caused the City Council to take prudent action and become more educated on the entire drilling process.

They are asking intelligent and directed questions in the hearing, have heard information from environmental entities with working knowledge of the operations in the field and are consulting an environmental engineer.

Many things have been happening behind the scenes in efforts by Corinth citizens to connect Council and City Staff with experienced professionals in the areas required to digest the large amount of information and make an educated and informed decision. The hearing will continue on Thursday, April 29 at Corinth City Hall at 7 p.m. It is important to remember we still need to attend and show the City Council we are involved, engaged and concerned. Remember to arrive early if you would like a seat!

We do not know what will happen Thursday night. The hearing may be continued or the Council may close the hearing and begin to vote on the variances and permit application. If you have new information to offer, please share it with the City Council or post it on our website and we will send them a link. They have had a great deal of information to sift through but we do not want them to miss something of importance. We expect that citizens who have spoken at the previous public hearings will not be able to speak again. If the public hearing is closed on Thursday and rest of the agenda is addressed, citizens can speak to the specific variances.


Corinth Cares Citizens

To view the agenda posted by the City of Corinth – click here.

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    Corinth Landowner said,

    The sites been kinda quite lately. I’ve been spending the past week visiting a long time friend who’s been in ICU over at Denton Regional. Those folks working in the hospital have been great. I should have asked if they’ve ever seen any MSDS sheets on all the mystery chemicals the gas drilling companies don’t want to talk about.
    If the hospitals don’t have the sheets available to them, they will not know how to treat an exposure. I’d hate to see a child get into something in the “safe” industrial drilling pad at Lake Sharon Christian Center. I wonder if City Council has looked into that?

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