Corinth City Council Delays Drilling Decision at Crowded Hearing

Hundreds of Corinth residents crowded City Hall on Thursday evening, where the City Council and Mayor delayed the gas well drilling decision. The hearing will be continued Thursday April 29th.

Opponents are against XTO Energy’s plan to place several gas wells at Lake Sharon Christian Center, which is in close proximity of two residential neighborhoods and schools.

The evening started with a special City Council session, which included several presentations by experts and Corinth residents.During the regular session, Corinth Cares volunteer Cora Bell was welcomed with applause and cheers as she presented 977 signatures to the City Council. Click here for more information on the petition.

The Corinth City Council and Mayor directed questions to the XTO representative, and concerned Corinth citizens were allowed to speak 3 minutes each. Most residents expressed concerns regarding their health and safety, the impact on the environment, and their property values. Several residents who signed a lease with XTO Energy spoke out against drilling too, saying they were told the drill site would be on the other side of the lake.

The Council extended their vote on the variances and permit. The public hearing will continue Thursday April 29th. We will post the agenda when it’s available.

The Corinth City Council is debating whether or not to grant XTO Energy a permit to drill. For a summary and explanation of the variances requested by the applicant to Corinth City ordinancesclick here.

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  1. 1

    Dann said,

    That’s great! But until City Council votes “NO to XTO” we need to remain vigilant and put the pressure on them. Let’s keep up the fight for our community.

  2. 2

    Sharon said,

    The DRC says that the town has hired an independent consultant. We need to know who that person is. Please find out his/her name.

  3. 3

    Chad said,

    I hope everyone realizes that the “Jet engine” sound during drilling is stated to last ONLY 90 days.

    However, if you didn’t hear, there are 7 holes planned by XTO. You can’t drill 7 holes simultaniously with one rig. So….

    1.72 years, or 90X7=630 days. How loud is that sound, even during the day for stay at home moms or kids not old enough for daycare/preschool.

    Hope you are investing in airline quality ear protection.

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