April 15 – The Lake Cities Sun article

Excerpt from a recent Lake Cities Sun news article on the first gas well hearing:

A Windows screen saver with pipes jutting in random directions was playing on the projection screen throughout last week’s council workshop; fitting for the meeting’s theme concerning drilling gas wells.

Corinth City Council met last Thursday to gather information in a workshop session about proposed gas well permits at the Lake Sharon Christian Center and variances requested by gas company XTO.

The ordinance variances include a myriad of changes to regulations the city set up last year after it had problems with gas well drilling. One of those changes includes switching the well-heads setback distance from protected uses.

About 12 people showed up from the public to sit in on the workshop as council members asked questions to its lawyer and staff. Other variance requests included allowing XTO to temporarily store its toxinfilled saltwater used in drilling and to transport it away from the site in trucks.

Buildings that are defined as a protected use for setback include religious institutions, such as the Christian Center it drills on, and also homes, which sit on the property’s perimeter.

XTO has gone through the legal processes of having property owners within a 600 foot radius of the well-head sign waivers; a requirement of city ordinance The company now asks that the setback be lowered to 300 feet.

“We’ve received all the ones within 600 feet of the well heads,” said Planning and Community Development Director Fred Gibbs.

After its last council meeting, which was part of an ongoing public hearing, a number of residence in the audience shouted claims they have not signed waivers but lived on property within the 600 foot setback limit. This was further clarified for council.

Courtesy of the Lake Cities Sun. To subscribe to their weekly newspaper, click here. Terry Lantrip, Editor & Publisher: ” I think issues such as the gas well helps residents to become more involved in their community and we would appreciate people subscribing to the newspaper for $25 per year. All new subscribers get a 2010 Lake Cities Stimulus Package, coupons valued at more than $1000.”

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