Urgent Neighborhood Meeting: Corinth Gas Drilling

More than 200 Corinth residents attended the neighborhood meeting on XTO’s gas drilling plans.

When: Wednesday April 7, 7p.m.
Where: Hawk Elementary School

Information by knowledgeable, first-hand experts:

Calvin Tillman – mayor of Dish, TX
Tim Ruggiero – land owner with drill sites in Decatur, TX
Sharon Wilson – Texas Oil & Gas Accountability Project
Sharon also keeps up with an informative web blog – click here.

Reminder: The vote on the XTO permit has been rescheduled for Thursday, April 15, 6:30 at the City Hall.

Feel free to contact us: corinthcares@yahoo.com

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  1. 1

    Big E said,

    Why does the XTO need to drill here? You may get a little cash initially but what you have to pay in taxes to allow the gas companies pass through our neighborhood is a complete loss on the back end. Not to mention that our roads will be destroyed and the safety factor of gas and toxic in our RESIDENTIAL area. The only one getting in rich is XTO at our expense. [This posting was edited after being posted on our site for at least one day. The section taken out should not have been posted, and we would like to extent our apologies to anybody that may have been offended.]

  2. 2

    Concerned said,

    Has anyone contacted the owners of the Lake Sharon Christian Center to express the public outcry and extreme concern over their decision to allow such drilling to occur? Did the potential extent and aggressiveness of XTO even factor into their conscience or decision process on a drilling lease? Opposing XTO through the City Council is an excellent approach to deny such a permit, but pressure should also be placed on the Lake Sharon “Christian” Center owners/administrators for even considering this drilling operation and the effects and risks to the community. People come and go to that facility, but the residents are always here. Time to love thy neighbor, folks!

  3. 3

    Informed said,

    The above posting by Concerned is proof that you cannot trust the accuracy of information posted at the Corinth Cares website. Have you personally had XTO agressively force you to sign a lease? In the same posting you speak of the agressive measures of XTO and ask Corinth Cares (an unregistered PAC like Flower Mound Cares) to put pressure on the leaders at the Christian Center. Talk about hypocrisy! If there is some fact that can be authenticated beyond an unaccountable internet blog share it if not then don’t.

    • 4

      corinthcares said,

      The comments on this Blog are opinions of residents and do not necessarily reflect the opinion of Corinth Cares. We fact check the content of the postings, and we will correct the postings when facts are disputed. I would like to encourage everybody to let us know of any incorrect facts posted on our blog.

    • 5

      Concerned said,

      At no point did I ever say that XTO was aggressive with LSCC. They are, however, aggressive with the city council and trying to push these ordinance changes through rapidly and as discretely as possible and start drilling ASAP. When the XTO representative stands before the council stating his biggest concern (risk assessment) is the safety of XTO’s EQUIPMENT–not his personnel, the public, the water table, etc.–that is being callous and aggressive beyond all palpable reason.

      I hope Corinth Cares is aggressive . . . and aggressive for the right reasons.

      LSCC bears great responsibility in this drilling proposal, and as such, should be contacted. Have provisions or parameters changed from what XTO originally offered them? Are there any second thoughts? It doesn’t hurt to look into this.

      Now, my two questions for you are as follows:

      1.) What entry-level position, internet-trolling position are you employed with at XTO Energy?
      2.) Is the $12.79 in royalties you will receive a month worth the risk to the community, your property, and your children?

      • 6

        Informed said,

        I am a caring citizen of Corinth who has taken the time to weed through the information. I am NOT an employee of XTO and for you to ask reveals the assumptions that drive your position. I believe a person or unregistered Political Action Committee like Corinth Cares should be held accountable for the information it allows to be proliferated from its site. It may be citizens sharing but when an organized group takes action they must bear responsibility for their actions. Unsubstantiated rhetoric is slander and if used to deny the rights afforded by the law for mineral production they should bear the consequences for their actions.

        Just like you saying that XTO is covertly working through the City to get a gas well in production. It sounds accurate until you consider the facts. They provided two days of public meetings for area residents and posted signs for over a month in front of the Lake Sharon Center informing residents. Letters were mailed to area residents. If the post office lost 5 letters it doesn’t constitute a conspiracy by XTO to keep people out of the loop. If you attended the meeting hosted by XTO you were told by the XTO rep that the variances being requested were available for you to pick up at City Hall. I thought covert meant secretive. Why would XTO share this information if they were trying to slip under the radar and drill a well ASAP? This information on variances was shared before corinth cares existed. You may be CONCERNED but unfortunately you are grossly MISINFORMED.

        My family is already at risk daily from the pollution of automobiles and highway expansions. We don’t require them to do air quality studies or mitigate the exact number of trees removed to widen a roadway. If this were such a great health risk as corinth cares proports then we need to halt production of the three producing wells already in our area. Two of them are on the campus of Guyer High School. If the health risks could be validated the DISD Board would have already shut them down. I live in the area and to this date these sites truck salt water and use Swisher road. NO TOXIC SPILLS. Take responsibility for what you say and print!

  4. 7

    Concerned said,

    The first letter I received at all on this topic was from the City of Corinth telling me about the 4/1/10 meeting and how XTO wanted to put two natural gas wells within 600 feet of my property. XTO sent nothing to my house. To this day, that’s the only official letter of any kind that has either been mailed to me or put on my door. Was a meeting notice sent to the DMN or the DRC, or another appropriate media outlet? Was a flyer posted on my door for a public meeting my XTO? The answers to all of these questions are no. Signs posted in front of the LSCC? Good lord, there are garage sale signs posted weekly that are larger that more people see. That’s a required step for legal public notice, but is it really effective (for XTO, apparently it was . . . less public outcry, at least initially)?

    I would have been against the well near Guyer, if afforded the notification and right to object. One well that close to a school and the road is ridiculous and presents more of a risk than a revenue stream for the municipality. But, at this location, there isn’t room to put many wells. At the LSCC location, that is a different story. Quoting the lack of statistics at one site in one location and saying that there will not be issues with toxic “spills” or even inadvertent release near our neighborhood is rationalization; how many times does it have to happen, and how many people does it have to affect, to be statistically significant to you? You can’t invalidate the health risks either, bud. I’m all for drilling the right way, but not so close to residential areas. The reward does not equal the risk. And this doesn’t even cover the direct noise from construction and drilling and the secondary noise from the added truck traffic. I would argue that this impacts quality of living, which is well worth organizing for and proliferating. I’m glad the majority of residents fall into this category.

    As for being covert, surely you’re not that naive to think that the only “conversations” on the subject with XTO occur during three, 1-1/2 meetings and workshops on the subject? XTO is seeing how much they can legally get away with, and what better way to do that than to barrage the City Council with enough ordinance changes to make their whims legal . . . and do it in one council session at the earliest possible date.

    • 8

      Ruby Woody said,

      I received no letter or notification, period; and I live in the neighborhood of Lake Sharon and Oakmont. Hawk elementary and Crownover are just being our homes. Where is my notification? This project will greatly impact our standard of living. And where is “Christian” in, caring for our neighbors and the actions taken by the Christian Center?

  5. 9

    Informed as well... said,


    Since you are so informed, why don’t you share your knowledge on the benefits to drilling for gas so close to our homes and schools?

    The risk / cons far outweigh the benefits. The only people that benefit from drilling is XTO’s shareholders, employees, the mineral rights leaseholders. The city might make some money if it doesn’t cost them in the long run.

    The reality of the situation is that traffic will increase, air quality will decrease, property values will decrease, the noise will increase, and the safety of everyone living near the drilling sites is put in jeopardy.

    Drilling will benefit a small few while the majority who oppose it have to live with the aftermath.

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