VIDEOS: Corinth City Council Hearing Gas Drill

These are videos from the Corinth City Council hearing taken by a Corinth resident. They do not necessarily represent the opinion of Corinth Cares, but they do give an impression of the feelings of residents within our community.

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    Ruby Woody said,

    No lease has been presented to me for consideration! to say yes or no on. Is this the old XTO oil,gas,& mineral lease brought up in Oct. 2008.
    At that time, Mr. Pruniski of Holland Acquisitions of Fort Worth on XTO letterhead indicated to me, XTO was in a credit crunch and would not be drilling at that time. I have not heard from them since, until I read the Denton newspaper about the meeting in Corinth regarding a lease with the Christian Center.

    If I live off Lake Sharon not a mile from this site, in the very Cypress Pointe Estates mentioned, as do many of my neighbors, why have we not had someone knocking on our doors regarding the noise of a drill site, pollution of same, and the Hawk Elementary and Crownover Middle School, a stone’s throw away with a lease in hand as we own the mineral rights in this neighborhool. Our kids are in these nearby schools. If the 2008 plan of horizontional drilling is still true, then where is are lease papers, and our signatures for the plan to proceed.

    I will be at the meeting at Hawk Elementary Wed 7th, for information and also at the next council meeting.

    I am all for progress and improving our community. I cannot fathom the corner at Oakmont and Lake Sharon being stripped of all the trees proposed and leaving an ugly drill site and pad and then the equipment that comes and goes and tears up our streets.

    A concerned resident of Corinth,
    Thank you.

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